Note de veille, 24 September 2015

“As sexy as Apple, as open as Linux”

For five weeks, from 15 August to 20 September 2015, about a hundred people are gathered at Millemont Castle, near Versailles, to build hardware products that are (i) open source and (ii) sustainable.

Co-organized by German Open State and French OuiShare, the POC21 project stands for Proof Of Concept, a pun on COP21. It has a one-million-euro budget, funded by a mix of public, private and philanthropic actors, to take action on environmental degradation. The objective is to build 12 ...

Par : GRANDJEAN Marguerite

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Revue Futuribles, 408, 26 August 2015

Abstracts n° 408

The Renewal of Managerial Practices: Computer Literacy –How the Digital is Revolutionizing the Organization and Management of Companies
François Silva and Arnaud Lacan

Cities and Climate –What Visions?
Jean Haëntjens

Towards a Metropolitan World?
Julien Damon

U.S. Companies Out to Conquer Space
Gilles Ragain and Alain Dupas

Unis-Cité, a Pioneer in Civic Service: From Student Utopia to National Policy
Marthe de La Taille-Rivero

A Brief History of the French Regions, from Serge Antoine to François Hollande ...

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Revue Futuribles, 407, 26 August 2015

Biodiversity in Danger

Five years have gone by since 2010 was proclaimed International Year of Biodiversity and culminated in the Nagoya International Conference on Biodiversity. That conference produced the Nagoya Protocol, which set new aims for the protection of planetary biodiversity. But, as has been the case for many years with climate change, the failure of a sufficient number of states to ratify the protocol and the lack of real motivation have prevented effective action to halt the decline in biodiversity. Yet, matters ...

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Par : BINDÉ Jérôme

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Revue Futuribles, 407, 26 June 2015

Abstracts n° 407

Sub-Saharan Africa: an Explosive Demographic Transition
Henri Leridon

Biodiversity in Danger
Jérôme Bindé

Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: The Contribution of Trend Projection Studies
Vincent Cailliez and Frédéric Levrault

Garonne 2050: A Participatory Foresight Exercise on Water Management in the Garonne Basin
Yannick Arama, Françoise Goulard, Véronique Lamblin, Ludovic L’Huissier and Éric Sauquet

The Third Industrial Revolution in Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Building a New Collective Destiny
Éric Vidalenc

France Stalls: A Focus on Declinism

Pierre ...

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Analyse, bibliographie prospective, Rapport, 5 May 2015

International Migration Outlook 2014

This timely OECD report comes as policy concerns about migration across the OECD membership have drastically increased since the start of the global crisis in 2007. Indeed, the positive expectation of solving demographic and skill-shortage problems has been increasingly overshadowed and superseded by rising nationalism and xenophobia, associated with growing difficulties encountered in major immigration countries to “assimilate” migrants in society, to reduce high- and long-term unemployment among nationals, and to check social welfare deficits, which tend to be associated ...

Par : SARFATI Hedva

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Revue Futuribles, 406, 27 April 2015

Abstracts n° 406

Will Cities remain “Free”?
Isabelle Baraud-Serfaty

The New Industrial Revolution: An Eldorado for a Triumphant Capitalism?
Alain d’Iribarne

Companies and Cyber-security to 2020: Synthesis of the Study by Futuribles International
Nicolas Mazzucchi

What Status for Step-parents?
Julien Damon

Tools for Measuring Segregation
Bernard Aubry and Michèle Tribalat

Rescuing Supplementary Pensions: French Supplementary Pension Schemes in Peril
Jacques Bichot

No Way Forward But Federalism?
Jean-François Drevet

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Revue Futuribles, 405, 26 February 2015

Abstracts n° 405

What Form of Climate Justice? A Challenge to the Idea of Emissions Rights and Permits
Frédéric-Paul Piguet

Climate Objectives and Development: Promoting Convergence between Millennium and Climate Goals in Climate Negotiations
Sandrine Mathy

The 21st Century an Asian Century
Jean-Raphaël Chaponnière and Marc Lautier

Chance, Disorder and Money: Thoughts Prompted by the Dynamics of Living Systems
Thierry Gaudin

Beyond Bitcoin: What Are the Prospects for Virtual Currencies?
Cécile Désaunay

Note-by-Note Cuisine: A Trend ...

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Companies and Cyber-Security in the Years to 2020

Cyber-risks are changing all the time, requiring companies and governments to react very quickly. However, a merely reactive approach would be detrimental to the implementation of efficient strategies in this area.

In 2014, Futuribles International carried out a study on Companies and Cyber-Security in the Years to 2020”. This study aims to situate cyber-security issues in a systemic and strategic medium-term perspective that will help to establish risk reduction strategies at different levels (states, companies, individuals). The purpose of this study is to offer participant organizations a clear, documented view of the possible changes in their environment by 2020 that could aid in the design of their cyber-security strategies. The synthesis of the study is available here.

Note de veille, 27 January 2015

Future Consequences of South Stream’s Cancelation for Europe and Turkey

On December 1, 2014 Vladimir Putin announced the cancellation of the South Stream pipeline, a seven years old, 63 billion cubic meter (bcm) per year and $19 billion project which aim was to provide natural gas to southern Europe while bypassing Ukraine.

The Russian President declared that another project would be developed through Turkey instead with a possible hub linking it to European networks at Greece’s border. Of a similar capacity, this pipeline would provide Turkey with 14 bcm ...


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