Futuribles International : Who we are…

Futuribles International: Who we are...
Futuribles International is a centre for foresight thinking and studies which aims to effectively integrate a sense of the long-term into decision-making and action. Since 1960, Futuribles has played a leading role in the development of foresight studies in France and throughout the world. #Foresight #Thinktank #Prospective

Most of the articles published in Futuribles are in French. The English version of our website is about to be upgraded.

In the meantime, we advise you to go to the French version in order to access our publications (click on top right corner).


Vigie 2020 Report - Summary

Vigie 2020 Report - Summary

The executive summary of the Vigie 2020 Report, as well as the cartography of possible discontinuities and shocks to 2040-2050 have been translated into English. You can download the summary in English below.


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Covid-19 crisis : possible scenarios for the next 18 months

Covid-19 crisis : possible scenarios for the next 18 months

Thanks to its knowledge of rigorous forward-thinking methodologies, Futuribles International Association has set out 11 scenarios to forecast the possible evolutions of the crisis over the next 18 months (the targeted horizon being the end of 2021). These scenarios, built using the tools of morphological analysis, are available on three scales: the global, the European and the French.


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La Clé USB

La Clé USB

Les Éditions de minuit, 2019

Followers of Futuribles ought to enjoy The USB Key, the new novel by Jean-Philippe Toussaint. It is set against the backdrop of foresight and futures work, and even features the Futuribles’ former offices.  The hero of the novel, Jean Detrez, is a strategic foresight specialist at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre in Brussels. His backstory: before becoming an EU official, he worked in the 1990s as an editor at the journal Futuribles. He was based in our Paris ...


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France’s territories, challenges and promises

France's territories,challenges and promises

L’Aube, 2019

With “La France des territoires, défis et promesses” (France's territories, challenges and promises), Pierre Veltz offers a stimulating prospective analysis. By anchoring it in the long term and drawing on his in-depth knowledge of socio-economic transformations, particularly those concerning globalisation and ‘hyperindustrialisation’, he deconstructs many of the misconceptions that clutter public debate and manages to articulate France's political challenges in new terms. His hypothesis is that we are witnessing a local turning point which, if well negotiated, could ...

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State of the World, What Do the January’s Outlook Reports Say ?

State of the World, What Do the January’s Outlook Reports Say?

The beginning of the year is always a moment for many reports to come out on the future of the world and its geopolitical order. What have we read this January? Here is a short summary of the foresight outlooks we have found online by security and risks analysts’ provider and geopolitical think-tanks — WorldAware, Eurasia Group, SIA (Security Industry Association)?—, but also by insurance and reinsurance companies (AXA, Allianz etc.), the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2019, among other ...

Forum of West Africa's Futures

Forum of West Africa's Futures
By 2050, the population of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) could reach 800 million. The population of West Africa at large could exceed one billion. While some analysts see it as gloomy and others as bright, the future of this crisis-torn region remains uncertain. Taking into account both the advantages to be had from open future-oriented studies relating to West Africa and the absence of such studies, Futuribles International wishes to stimulate such reflection, beginning with Western and Sahelian Africa. Futuribles International therefore proposes to establish a standing ‘Foresight Forum’ on the possible future of the West Africa and Sahel region.

This forum will catalyse existing reflections on West African futures: it aims to identify and analyse ongoing transformations, explore possible futures and support the design of inclusive, long-term sensitive decision-making processes.

Combining research, publications and debates, this forum aims to become the crucible of an open and action-oriented reflection on West African futures.

These strategic reflections may feed into projects run by governments and development partners, as well as the private sector and West African citizens.