EXPLORING Possible Futures

DEBATING Future Issues

DESIGNING Policies and Strategies

Who are we?

Futuribles International is a centre for foresight thinking and studies which aims to effectively integrate a sense of the long-term into decision-making and action.

Since 1960, Futuribles has played a leading role in the development of foresight studies in France and throughout the world.

It is our conviction that, to act freely and construct the future of our organizations and societies, attention to—and understanding of—current developments is primordial. Our work therefore consists in detecting, analysing and understanding the major forms of current change, identifying the principal uncertainties, devising processes of decision-making and action that incorporate a long-term view and high-level actor involvement in the construction of the future.

Our activities are conducted by a team of around ten permanent staff and a broad network of experts and partners.

Taking part in our activities means being able to:

-       Understand current change and explore possible futures (subscription to Futuribles magazine, access to the ‘Vigie’ strategic monitoring and horizon-scanning system, to foresight studies and working groups etc.)

-       Take advantage of the strategic monitoring of foresight actors and studies (critical analyses of studies on the future, a bibliographic database kept updated since 1993)

-       Train in the principles, concepts and methods of foresight, and in applied foresight (a catalogue of some ten or more training programmes)

-       Discuss and debate the great issues of the future (round tables, working groups, ‘Futures Forum’)

-       Innovate collectively in foresight practices by joining the ‘Prospective Lab’ programme (a dedicated website, workshops, events, a network of practitioners)

-       Be supported in your monitoring and foresight approach, as applied to developing public policy or the strategy of your organization.


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