L'avenir du modèle de production japonais

This article is published in Futuribles journal no.216, jan. 1997

The Future of the Japanese Model of Productivity
The Japanese model was based on three pillars : first a strong stage, conducting a voluntarist policy paradoxically oriented towards the development of industries, which Japan completely lacked; second, an effective education system; last, open access to foreign technologies and markets.
This model was also characterized by the flexibility of its organisations, employment, remuneration and its famous management style.
The context has changed, however, deregulation and a reduction in the role of the State have stimulated financial speculation to the detriment of investment, less dynamic exports and decay in the education system. Also, the flexibility of the production system is revealing its limits.
Is Japan, thus, running out of breath? Evelyne Dourille-Feer does not think so and underlines its assets, notably its potential to take advantage of new opportunities offered by development in Asia.

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