Agriculture, Land, Water and Climate

Solutions for a World in Transition

This article is published in Futuribles journal no.438, sept.-oct. 2020

The rise in the ecological vote in the second round of the French municipal elections (even though this should be kept in perspective due to low turnouts) is no doubt revealing about the growing preoccupation of our contemporaries with environmental questions — particularly global warming and biodiversity loss, a concern also attested by most studies on the ‘post-Covid world’. Should such preoccupations immediately be seen as part of the trend in favour of economic de-growth? That is not the view of Guillaume Benoit who shows here what a substantial role land, water and agriculture — quite apart from their food-producing and sociocultural functions — can play in the battle against climate change and for sustainable development. Benoit provides us with a demonstration of the inexhaustible resources that nature could provide, if we took care of them in the way that is essential for the resolution of many of the challenges that face our contemporaries and their descendants now and in the future.
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