Intergenerational Economic Inequality in France: Insights and Perspectives


This article is published in Futuribles journal no.441, mars-avril 2021

There are, and will continue to be, serious consequences from the health crisis, particularly for older people, who have been the main victims of Covid-19, and for the young, whether continuing with their studies or looking for work. However, though seniors (aged 60 and above) have so far seen their living standards preserved, the fate of the younger age group seems seriously compromised by the crisis. Are they a lost generation? Anticipating a rise in intergenerational inequality, Futuribles is devoting a special dossier to the question and to how the — more or less conflictual or supportive — relations between the generations are developing. André Masson’s article suggests here that intergenerational economic inequality would seem to be rising dangerously. In a second article, to appear in the May-June issue, he will outline a range of possible solutions, particularly to strengthen solidarities between the elderly and the younger generation — in other words, to invest in the future.
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