Inequalities Unmasked by the Coronavirus


This article is published in Futuribles journal no.437, juillet-août 2020

As indicated in the opening remarks to this Forum, the subject of the Covid-19 crisis and its impact is a long way from being fully examined yet and will gradually come to form part of the general context of analysis in many fields of study. It did, however, seem important to us to open up the columns of Futuribles in this early summer of 2020 to various experts to raise different — economic, social, health, food-related and ecological — aspects of the phenomenon while still ‘in the thick of the crisis’. This second article, by Julien Damon, casts light on the inequalities within French society exacerbated or revealed by the Covid-19 crisis, and those to which it might also give rise in the coming months and years. Will the hierarchy of social priorities be upended as a consequence?
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