The Chinese Economic Model

Between Market Forces and State Dirigisme


This article is published in Futuribles journal no.452, jan.-fév. 2023

In late October 2022, the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party appointed (omnipotent) President Xi Jin-ping leader of his country for a further five years. At the same time, the Russo-Ukrainian war has become a long-term conflict with major consequences globally, consigning many countries to a situation of great economic uncertainty. In this context, it seems useful to return, in these pages, to the analysis by François Chimits published this autumn by Futuribles International, which takes stock of the Chinese economy and its prospects over the next decade. How did this atypical development model come into being and how does it function, combining as it does economic openness and political authoritarianism? Can it be sustained? What economic conditions has it established for domestic and foreign companies, and what scenarios might be envisaged for the Chinese economic model in the international economy? These are some of the questions broached by Chimits in this article.

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