The Futuribles International association

The Futuribles International association aims to:
•    Carry out foresight studies on major questions of shared interest.
•    Provide a platform for discussion and debate on the major issues of the contemporary and future world, particularly by organizing lectures, round tables, workshops, conferences and working groups.
•    Perform a forward horizon-scanning function on the medium-to-long-term development of the strategic environment for companies and organizations. This is the objective of bibliographical monitoring and of the Lookout system.
•    Promote the philosophy and methods of horizon-scanning and foresight in the service of decision-making and action, particularly through a training function.

Futuribles International’s written material is primarily produced in French though more and more in other languages.

The members of the Futuribles International association are either persons (individual members) or legal entities (‘corporate’ partner members and associate members).

The association’s resources derive from subscriptions paid by its members and products sold by the Futuribles International association.

Honorary President: Jacques Lesourne
President : Hugues de Jouvenel
Executive director : François de Jouvenel

Conditions of membership: click HERE