“As sexy as Apple, as open as Linux”

For five weeks, from 15 August to 20 September 2015, about a hundred people are gathered at Millemont Castle, near Versailles, to build hardware products that are (i) open source and (ii) sustainable.

Co-organized by German Open State and French OuiShare, the POC21 project stands for Proof Of Concept, a pun on COP21. It has a one-million-euro budget, funded by a mix of public, private and philanthropic actors, to take action on environmental degradation. The objective is to build 12 prototypes of daily life products that are « as sexy as Apple, as open as Linux » (see box below).

The 12 POC21 Projects

• Faircap: a 3D-printed filter for any water bottle
• Showerloop: a shower system that filters the shower water in real time to reuse it immediately
• Solar OSE: a small solar concentrator
• Sunzilla: a modular solar-powered generator
• The $30 Windmill: an individual DIY windmill
• Ownfood: a semi-automated greenhouse for home production of fruits and vegetables
• Nautile: a biomimetic kettle with reduced energy consumption
• Velo M2: an electric battery set up on a cargo bike to transport different electric devices (video projector…)
• Bicitractor: a pedal-powered tractor for small and medium farms
• Biceps Cultivatus: a kitchen furniture item equipped for sustainable cooking
• Open Energy Monitor: individual device for monitoring energy consumption and other data
• Aker: designs and kits for urban agriculture furniture