Abstracts n° 437

Cet article fait partie de la revue Futuribles n° 437, juil.-août 2020

The Sea is Rising: Impacts and Strategies. Scenarios to 2100 and Adaptative Trajectories
Denis Lacroix and Nicolas Rocle

Covid-19 and Climate Change: How the Health Catastrophe Interacts with Climate Action
Christian de Perthuis

The Great Fear of 2020: The Coronavirus Bug and the Great Lockdown
Nicolas Berg

Inequalities Unmasked by the Coronavirus
Julien Damon

There is no ‘After’ Any More: The Rise of Uncertainty and Vigilance towards the Future
Yannick Blanc

A Return to Earth in Prospect?
Dominique Bourg and Sophie Swaton

Teleworking and Economic Growth: An Opportunity to be Grasped
Gilbert Cette

Covid-19 and Food Habits
Céline Laisney

E-government in Europe: On the Backwardness of the Swiss Government
Isabela Pardal

Hiroshima: Chronicle of a Catastrophe Foretold (Futures of Yesteryear)
Pierre Papon

The ‘Brussels Effect’ – a Strategy of Influence?
Jean-François Drevet