Abstracts n° 430

Cet article fait partie de la revue Futuribles n° 430, mai-juin 2019

The Foresight Philosophy in Africa
Souleymane Bachir Diagne

Foresight Thinking in Africa: Discourses and Practices
Alioune Sall

Repaired Body, Enhanced Body: Some Thoughts through the Prism of Plastic Surgery
Thérèse Awada

Fiction as a Way of Debating the Future of Space: The Outcome of an Experiment
Daniel Kaplan

Pension Reform: Issues and Hazards. Don’t Throw Out the Supplementary Schemes with the Bismarckian Bathwater
Jean-Claude Angoulvant

Pensions: Full Steam Ahead to the Unified Scheme!
Jacques Bichot

Lewis Mumford, a Major Source for Thinking about the 21st Century
Jean Haëntjens

European Union: Update
Jean-François Drevet