Abstracts n° 422

Cet article fait partie de la revue Futuribles n° 422, jan.-fev. 2018

Dromedary or Bactrian? On the Third Industrial Revolution
Gilbert Cette and Ombeline Jullien de Pommerol

How Will We Work Tomorrow? Five Strong Trends in the Development of Work
Martin Richer

The Rise of Inequality in the USA: On The Sum of Small Things by Elizabeth Currid-Halkett and Dream Hoarders by Richard Reeves
Charles du Granrut

Three Keys for Re-inventing Politics
Patrick Viveret

Towards the Foresight Study of Money
Thierry Gaudin

What will the World be like in 2050? On Michel Camdessus’s Vers le monde de 2050
Pierre-Frédéric Ténière-Buchot

The Emergence of the African Economies: A New Analytical Framework for Socio-Economic Drivers and Performance
Victor G. Ndiaye and Ruben B. Djogbenou

Catalonia, Kurdistan, Scotland – What Right to Independence?
Jean-François Drevet