Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 431

Abstracts n° 431

The Brain, A Living Machine
Jean-Pierre Henry

The Brain: Anatomy and Function. The Antagonism between Human Brain Plasticity, the Weight of Dogma and the Uncontrolled Explosion of Artificial Intelligence
Hugues Duffau

Dreams, Sleep and Memory: Brain Plasticity at the Heart of Memory, Sleep and Brain-Machine Interfaces
Karim Benchenane

Restoration of Sight and Brain Plasticity
Serge Picaud

A Trend Survey of French Values: More Personal Freedom, More Demands in the Collective Sphere
Pierre Bréchon

A Changing Economy in the Age of Scarcity. Towards a New Development Model: Why and How?
Hélène Le Teno 

Businesses, Corporate Social Responsibility and Beyond: Thoughts on a Survey on Post-CSR Enterprises
Marthe de La Taille-Rivero

A Whiff of Fascism(s) in the Air: On the Use of Lying in Politics
André-Yves Portnoff 

What is Russia’s International Strategy?
Jean-François Drevet

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