Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 425

Abstracts n° 425

Arab Public Opinion: Between Attachment to Islam and Commitment to Democracy
Pierre Bréchon 

Ecological Transition in France: What about Geothermal Energy?
Jacques Varet 

Photovoltaic Solar Power in the Digital Age: A Scenario on Renewable Energies at the Heart of Ecological Transition
Nathalie Popiolek

Health and Artificial Intelligence: On the French Medical Council’s Report on the Impact of the Rollout of Digital Technology on the Practice of Medicine
André-Yves Portnoff

The Ideological Impulses Driving Transhumanism: On Gilbert Hottois’s Book Philosophie et idéologies trans/posthumanistes
Pierre Papon

The New Silk Roads: On the Nature of Chinese Ambitions
Rémi Perelman 

European Insecurity: France Very Exposed?
Jean-François Drevet

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