Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 421

Abstracts n° 421

New Technological Waves and Employment: A Critical Analysis of Studies of Job Destruction
Marie-Claire Carrère-Gée

terms of employment that will be generated by that evolution.

The Intangibles Revolution
André-Yves Portnoff 

Quantum Physics: A Revolution? On Jean-Pierre Pharabod and Gérard Klein’s Heurs et malheurs de la physique quantique
Pierre Papon

The Evolution of Work: Exploit, Industry and Honour. A Long-Run International Analysis
Jonathan Gershuny and Kimberly Fisher

Design Fiction: A Method for Exploring Ways Forward and for Building the Future?
Nicolas Minvielle and Olivier Wathelet

Is Artificial Intelligence Intelligent?
Hubert Landier 

Toward the Return of Federalism?
Jean-François Drevet