Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 417

Abstracts n° 417

Crisis or Renewal of Democracy? Power and Vision
Jean-Paul Delevoye

Political Visions and Civilizational Challenges: The Example of Local Policies
Jean Haëntjens

Economic Growth and Productivity: A Long-Term Look at the Main Developed Economies
Antonin Bergeaud, Gilbert Cette and Rémy Lecat 

The Hidden Revolution: The Role of Intangible Factors
André-Yves Portnoff 

Insurance Jobs under Pressure from Digital Technology
Norbert Girard

The Slowdown in Productivity Gains: Technology at the Heart of the Debates
Charles du Granrut

Moore’s Law Anticipates the Future of Electronics (Future of Yesteryear)
Pierre Papon 

Is Brexit Inevitable?
Derek Martin

The Geopolitics of Brexit: The Risks of Isolation
Jean-François Drevet