Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 415

Abstracts n° 415

World Population: Growth and Ageing
Alain Parant

Natural Resources: Famine or Feast? A Question of Limits
Cécile Désaunay and Éric Vidalenc

Are We Seeing the Last of Economic Growth?
Charles du Granrut

Seven Challenges for Work and Businesses
André-Yves Portnoff

Education over the Next 30 Years
Alain Michel and Lorène Prigent

Societies and Ways of Life across the World: Major Trends to 2030-2050
Julien Damon

Health to 2030-2050: Some Deep-Seated Trends
Louis-Charles Viossat 

Science Moving Toward New Frontiers: Possible Advances and Breakthroughs in Some Scientific Fields by the Years 2030-2050
Pierre Papon

Tomorrow’s Conflict Situations
Jean-Pierre Maulny

EU-Turkey Relations at a Turning Point
Jean-François Drevet