Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 414

Abstracts n° 414

The Resurgence of Urban Utopias
Jean Haëntjens

How a Territory Becomes Creative: A Lesson from Venice
Arlette and André-Yves Portnoff

Utopia, Artists and the City
Stéphanie Lemoine

Urban Utopias and the Construction Industry: The Eiffage Group’s “Phosphore” Project
Valérie David

The Darwin Urban Ecosystem: From “Territorial Hacking” to a New Model of Co-producing the City?
Jean-Marc Gancille and Philippe Barre

Utop, an Ongoing Utopian Housing Project in Paris
Marthe de La Taille-Rivero

Urban Nature, a Paradoxical Utopia
Jean-Pierre Lévy and Isabelle Hajek

The Prototype City: Or How the Countries of the South are Reinventing Urbanism
Morgan Poulizac

Urban Smartness or Algorithmic Cities? What Scope for New Utopias?
Carlos Moreno

Smart Cities, Between Utopia and Experimentation
Jean-François Soupizet

Brexit: Is it Done and Dusted?
Jean-François Drevet