Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 413

Abstracts n° 413

Food Security and Climate in the 21st Century: Blue Water, Green Water and Soils
Guillaume Benoit

The Invention of the Future: Foresight and Science Fiction
Gérard Klein

Testing Out the Future through Science Fiction: Extending the Scope of the Possible, Pre-Fabricated Worlds and “Lines of Flight”
Yannick Rumpala

The Environment through the Prism of Science Fiction: From Dystopia to the Reconstruction of the Man-Nature Relation in Post-Ecological Societies
Corinne Gendron and René Audet

The Origins of the Word “Transhumanism” (Futures of Yesteryear)
Olivier Dard and Alexandre Moatti

Disaster Looming for Asylum Rights
Jean-François Drevet