Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 403

Abstracts n° 403

Producing and Consuming in the Era of Ecological Transition: A Study by Futuribles International
Cécile Désaunay

Looking Back and Forward at Consumption Trends in France and their Environmental Impacts
Cécile Désaunay and Nicolas Herpin

Voluntary and Involuntary Simplicity
Christian Arnsperger and Dominique Bourg

Quasi-Circular Growth: A Pragmatic Approach to the Sustainable Management of Non-Renewable Material Resources
François Grosse

A Vision of French Consumption in 2030: Towards a Softening of Environmental Impacts
Éric Vidalenc, Laurent Meunier and Claire Pinet

The Role of Consumption in Climate Change: Impacts on the Climate and Potential Levers –the UK Example
Ruth Wood, Laurent Meunier and William Lamb

What Trajectory for Energy Transition? The Genealogy of the Energy Transition Law and its Positioning with regard to Pre-existing Scenarios
Patrick Criqui

The End of Capitalism? Towards a Zero Marginal Cost Society
An Interview with Jeremy Rifkin by Hugues de Jouvenel and Marguerite Grandjean

Europe and the Middle East
Jean-François Drevet