Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 400

Abstracts n° 400

Humanity and Illness: Reflections on the Patient-Doctor Relationship
André Khayat

For the Establishment of a Genuine Health System: From the Health-Care Machinery to the Development of a Coherent Health Pathway in France
Jean-Claude Angoulvant

Futuribles in Retrospect
Hugues de Jouvenel

Sustainable Development: Looking at Contrasting Discourses and Practices in France and Germany
Cornelia Findeisen

The European Union in the World: Influence, Challenges and Prospects
Michel Foucher

A Happy Vision of Europe in 2050: Utopia or Rallying Project?
Philippe Doucet and Jean-François Drevet

For Competitiveness, All must Assume their Responsibilities: The Responsibility Pact in France and the Blurring of Categories
Jacques Bichot

Foresight Studies and the Run-up to the 1914-1918 War
Jean-François Drevet

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