Abstracts, Revue futuribles n° 398

Abstracts n° 398

Higher Education and the Digital Challenge. MOOC: on the Importance of an Epiphenomenon
Pierre Mœglin

Is China Making a Land-Grab in Africa? Taking Fresh Stock of a Vexed Question
Jean-Jacques Gabas

Energy Foresight: the Possible, the Desirable and the Acceptable
Bernard David, Marie de Lattre-Gasquet, Sandrine Mathy, Jean-Eudes Moncomble and Julie Rozenberg

Producing Scenarios by the Hundred: How Statistical Approaches are Transforming Foresight Methods
Céline Guivarch and Julie Rozenberg

What does the Maghreb Want?
Nadji Safir

A Comeback for Cities: Can “City Localism”Provide a New Basis for Political Thinking?
Jean Haëntjens

The French Public Finances in Perspective: Medium- and Long-term Scenarios
Karim Triki and Gilles Dufrénot

The Emergence of a European Neo-Populism
Jean-François Drevet