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Fiches déja parues

  • Morphological Analysis
    by Véronique Lamblin
  • L'abaque de Régnier
    par Nathalie Bassaler
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
    by Kristan Wheaton
  • L'analyse morphologique
    par Véronique Lamblin
  • The Driver Report
    by Véronique Lamblin
  • Aspirational Futures
    by Marguerite Grandjean
  • Causal Layered Analysis
    by Sohail Inayatullah
  • L'analyse causale multiniveau
    par Sohail Inayatullah
  • L'outil « fiche variable »
    par Véronique Lamblin
  • Scenario Building:
    The 2x2 Matrix Technique
    by Alun Rhydderch
  • Prediction Markets
    by Émile Servan-Schreiber

Document étude

Morphological Analysis


Morphological analysis enables users to explore the possible futures of a system based on a combination of hypotheses related to that system’s components or variables. Originally employed in technological innovation, this method also lends itself to scenario building in foresight. A scenario plot is essentially a combination of hypotheses about how the variables in a system may develop, each scenario representing a different set of hypotheses. Morphological analysis stimulates the imagination while enabling users to carry out a systematic and ...

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