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Fiches déja parues

  • Morphological Analysis
    by Véronique Lamblin
  • L'abaque de Régnier
    par Nathalie Bassaler
  • Analysis of Competing Hypotheses
    by Kristan Wheaton
  • L'analyse morphologique
    par Véronique Lamblin
  • The Driver Report
    by Véronique Lamblin
  • Aspirational Futures
    by Marguerite Grandjean
  • Causal Layered Analysis
    by Sohail Inayatullah
  • L'analyse causale multiniveau
    par Sohail Inayatullah
  • L'outil « fiche variable »
    par Véronique Lamblin
  • Scenario Building:
    The 2x2 Matrix Technique
    by Alun Rhydderch
  • Prediction Markets
    by Émile Servan-Schreiber

Document étude

Analysis of Competing Hypotheses


Analysis of Competing Hypotheses (ACH) is an intelligence analysis method based on evaluating plausible and exclusive hypotheses for a given question. It involves validating or invalidating hypotheses using available information; i.e., observed facts or existing data that essentially represent evidence for or against each hypothesis. Through a logical elimination process, ACH seeks primarily to refute rather than validate hypotheses.
In short, it helps select those hypotheses compatible with the available information and retrieve the best possible estimate. ACH resembles ...

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