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Thursday 22 Novembre

How shall we live in 2050?

8.30-9 am: Welcome and Coffee

9-9.20 am: Opening
with Bruno Maquart, president of Universcience and Hugues de Jouvenel, president of Futuribles International

9.20-9.30 am : Résults of the Foresight Survey

9.30-10.30 am: The New Frontiers of the Human
Sequence chaired by Cécile DÉSAUNAY, Director of Studies at Futuribles.

  • The Evolving Body: What will the Human Body look like in the Very Distant Future?, with Alain FROMENT, physician, specialist in biological anthropology and human ecology
  • Repaired bodies, enhanced bodies: how, in light of the advances and promises of cosmetic surgery, are we to visualize our bodies in 2050? with Thérèse AWADA, plastic and cosmetic surgeon, Paris
  • The Evolving Brain: Promise and Limitations with Jean-Pierre HENRY, former director of the French Institute of Physico-Chemical Biology

10.30–11 am: Break

11 am-12 pm: The New Frontiers of Habitable Spaces
Sequence chaired by François de JOUVENEL, Executive Director of Futuribles International

  • What Habitable Spaces will there be in 2050 on a Planet that is Two Degrees Warmer?, with Robert VAUTARD, research Director at CNRS, meteorologist and climatologist at the Institut Laplace.
  • Living with one’s Environment in 2050 with Hélène LE TENO, head of ecological transition at Groupe SOS
  • Real and Virtual Worlds: Towards a Blurring of Boundaries? / My day in 2050 with virtual reality and augmented reality, with Aurélien FACHE, artist and developer

 12-1 pm: The New Frontiers of Citizenship
Sequence chaired by Hugues de JOUVENEL, president of Futuribles International

  • Humanity up against its Limits: New issues of Ethics and Power, with Dominique BOURG, philosopher, specialist in environmental questions
  • New Frontiers of Engagement, with Thibault RENAUDIN, Executive Director of Bleu Blanc Zèbres
  • Citizen's Vision for Tomorrow's Governance, by Audrey TCHERKOFF, CEO of Positive Economy Advocacy, vice-president of the Positive Planet Foundation, director general of the Global Positive Forum and the Positive Economy Forum

 1-2.30 pm – Lunch

 2.30-3.30 pm: What Solutions are there for Dealing Simultaneously with Growing Mobility Needs, the Saturation of Space and Environmental Imperatives?
Sequence chaired by François BOURSE, director of studies at Futuribles
With Virginie RAISSON-VICTOR, researcher in Prospective Geopolitics, CEO of Lépac, Nicolas BEAUMONT, Senior Vice President Sustainable development and mobility (Michelin Group) Member of Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC), Véronique LAMBLIN, director of studies at Futuribles

 3.30-4.30 pm: Will we be Able to Combine Taste, Health and Ecology in Tomorrow’s Food Supply?
Sequence chaired by Céline LAISNEY (Vigie alimentation)
With Véronique PARDO, Anthropologist at OCHA , Jean FAVRE, Director, Open Innovation & Foresight at Groupe BEL, Damien CONARÉ, Secretary General, the UNESCO Chair in World Food Systems.

4.30-5 pm : Break

5-6 pm: What New Forms of Work for Reconciling Organizational Performance with Individual Fulfilment?
Sequence chaired by Cécile DESAUNAY, Director of Studies at Futuribles
With Odile CHAGNY, Co-convenor of the Sharers and Workers Network, Cornelia DAHEIM, Director of the German company Future Impacts Consulting, a figure from industry, Jean-Yves GOBLOT, director of strategy and programmes, ACOME

6-7 pm: Four Scenarios on Ways of Life in 2050
Sequence chaired byFrançois de JOUVENEL, Executive Director of Futuribles International
Presentation of the scenarios of Futuribles’ Vigie 2018 Report by Alexandra AGAY, Anaïs BENCHETRIT, Laure CASELLAS, Jeanne DEGHILAGE, Laurent FERRIER, Florian GUILLANTON, Marion LEGENT, Louise SIBILLE, students on the Sciences Po (Paris) master's course in innovation & digital transformation

7 pm: Cocktail Reception on First Floor of the Cité des Sciences


Friday 23 November
New Frontiers in Forward Looking Activities

8.45-9.15 am: Welcome and Coffee

9.15-9.30 am—Thinking the long-term today: how and why?
Joël de ROSNAY, adviser to the president of Universcience and CEO of Biotics International

9.30-11 am: Anticipating Change: Promise and Limitations of AI and Big Data
Sequence chaired by Jean-François SOUPIZET, Futuribles
With, among others, Thomas SOLIGNAC, co-founder and CEO of, Colonel Laurent COLLORIG, head of the decision analysis programme at the French national gendarmerie’s central department for criminal intelligence (SCRCGN), Sylvie THIRIA, Professor, Locean, Institut Pierre et Simon Laplace (IPSL)

11-11.30 am: Break

11.30 am-12.45 pm: Designing and Imagining the Objects, Products and Services of the Future
Sequence chaired by François de JOUVENEL, Executive Director of Futuribles International
With, among others, Ruedi BAUER, designer and prime mover in critical design research institute ‘Civic City’, Benoit MILLET, Professor of Food Design at the École de Design Nantes Atlantique, and Estelle HARY, Designer and co-founder of Design Friction

12.45-2.15 pm: Lunch

2.15-3.30 pm: Co-constructing the Future: Ecosystems and Foresight Communities
Sequence chaired by François BOURSE, director of studies at Futuribles
With Michel MAIETTA, Research Director at IRIS, Erik GRAB, Vice President Strategic Anticipation and Innovation, Michelin, Murielle LAFAYE, Foresight and Economic Impact Expert, Founder and Facilitator of Space’ibles, Yannick BLANC, Chair of the Provisional Steering Group of the Carrefour des innovations sociales and a member of the scientific advisory board of Futuribles International

3.30-3.45 pm: Break

3.45-5 pm – The New Frontiers of Forward Looking Activities: Points of View
With Bruno HÉRAULT, director of the Center for Studies and Foresight, French Ministry of Agriculture, Daniel KAPLAN, Plurality University, Riel MILLER, author of Transforming the Future, UNESCO, Cécile WENDLING, foresight director for the AXA group

5-5.15 pm: Conclusion, Futuribles


The Futures Forum is an event organized every two years by the Futuribles International association to debate thinking on issues of importance for the future and, in that way, promote their assimilation by the members of the association and, more broadly, the general public.

Auditorium, Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, Paris :

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Thérèse Awada  Thérèse Awada

  Ruedi Baur

Nicolas Beaumont

  Yannick Blanc

  Dominique Bourg

  François Bourse

   Odile Chagny

   Colonel Laurent Collorig

   Damien Conaré

   Cornelia Daheim

  Cécile Désaunay

   Aurélien Fache

   Jean Favre

   Alain Froment

   Jean-Yves Goblot

   Jean-Pierre Henry

   Bruno Hérault

   François de Jouvenel

   Hugues de Jouvenel

   Daniel Kaplan

   Murielle Lafaye

   Céline Laisney

  Véronique Lamblin

  Hélène Le Teno

   Michel Maietta

  Bruno Maquart (Photo : Ph Levy EPPDCSI)

   Riel Miller

   Benoît Millet

   Véronique Pardo

  Virginie Raisson-Victor

   Thibault Renaudin

  Joël de Rosnay

   Thomas Solignac (Photo : Alice Santini)

   Jean-François Soupizet

  Sylvie Thiria

  Robert Vautard

   Cécile Wendling

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