CR colloque

L'image de synthèse : valeur scientifique, valeur esthétique

This book contains the proceedings of a conference held in Paris in 1994 which had been entirely devoted to digital images. It gathers contributions by technicians, artists and researchers in human sciences. The conference has been an opportunity to raise several issues and questions about digital images and to open a wide field of research which unites technics and esthetics. First, defining digital images is far from obvious. Then the attendants have considered and discussed the contribution of every new technique to image esthetics and the reliability of technique as tools for transmitting a precise and strict message through digital images. Are digital images bent to transmit technical and scientific knowledge ? Have they a scientific value ? Discussions about these issues raised the idea that their esthetic value cannot be dissociated from their scientific value.
This conference has allowed to start pioneer work in wide fields of research which have been opened by the rise of digital images technologies These technologies question the relationship between reality and virtuality and lead to reconsider the relative position of images.