Foresight in the State Public Service in France: An Overview


« Foresight in the State Public Service in France: An Overview », Journal of Futures Studies, 2020.

This article seeks to present the current status of foresight in France in the state public service. First, it provides information that will help understand the field and identify the stakeholders and the topics on which they work. Second, it considers the instability of foresight activities in ministries, the low level of development of foresight in parliament and the search for a new posture by deconcentrated state services vis-a`-vis foresight activities conducted by local and regional authorities.

There has not been such a synthesis in French or in English before. It is primarily targeted at non-French speakers and at the civil servants from other Member States of the European Union who wish to understand the field of foresight in France and possibly work with their French counterparts.

The article draws upon a mix of primary and secondary literature on foresight. It provides insights from nine extensive interviews, six held between May 2018 and October 2018 and three in April 2019, and from some twenty informal exchanges with relevant people. The article was written between May 2018 and June 2019. It gives an overview of the subject during this period. As foresight in the French state public service is constantly evolving, this snapshot cannot be exhaustive.

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