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The company of 2030


The online journal ParisTech Review has launched a series of articles about the future of companies towards 2030.

The first article (available here in french) provides a brief overview of the context in which companies will evolve towards 2030, ie an open but unstable world, with increasingly accessible technologies. Thus, traditional companies will need to be agile to compete with new actors: consumers who become producers and platforms like Amazon, which can become leaders in an entire sector very shortly.

In 2030, intangible heritage could be the greatest asset of companies, which will need to find new business models in an open innovation system. Furthermore, the article describes a new model of corporate organization, the “intreprenariat” in which each employee is an entrepreneur in his company, in the way of start-ups, and would be the end of the organization in silos.

The second article (available here in french) focuses on, meanwhile, new relationship between customers and companies. Widely available technologies allow consumers to learn, gather opinions and share them. Better informed consumers could become an integral part of the production of goods and services, which would then lead to an offer increasingly comprehensive and more focused on the use than on the ownership.