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Outlook on the Global Agenda 2015


As every year, the World Economic Forum offers its agenda for the coming year of the 10 major trends that will be studied by his experts. These global trends are identified from a survey of the Global Agenda Council international experts. The global agenda also identifies specific challenges for the world regions, an analysis of issues related to global governance and emerging trends.

The 10 major trends for 2015 are:

1) Deepening income inequality, for the majority of countries in the world

2) The increase in unemployment, particularly related to technological progress

3) The lack of international leadership and the inability of leaders to meet the major challenges for the planet

4) Geostrategic competition between states, which leads to new tensions and a new geopolitical deal

5) The weakening of representative democracy, caused by the disappointment of individuals to their leaders

6) Rising pollution in developing countries

7) Increased occurrence of severe weather events, largely related to climate change

8) The resurgence of nationalism and regionalist feelings in Europe

9) Water stress and access to drinking water problems in the world, especially in Asia and Africa

10) The growing importance of health in national economic systems

This edition of the Global Agenda also provides a focus on immigration and identifies topics for the agenda of the future, like synthetic biology, the interactions between humans and computers and the evolution of monetary policy.

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