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The Slowing of the Chinese Economy : the Issues

The Slowing of the Chinese Economy: the Issues
China’s resistance to the 2008 crisis was impressive and its slowdown since 2013 has been surprising. Is this deliberate or involuntary? Will it be short-lived? Will it lead to a ‘hard landing’ on the part of the second largest global economic power? Are all areas of its activity affected? What are the consequences for the world? This short article offers a retrospective on the Chinese economy before going on to consider its prospects. To read this Foresight Analysis, see ...

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Lifestyles based on Localness and Slowness ?

Lifestyles based on Localness and Slowness?

80% of people in France, Germany, Spain and America view their pace of life as too fast! This is one of the findings of a survey commissioned by the ‘Forum Vies Mobiles’ (an independent research institute on mobility supported by the French national rail operator, SNCF) on people’s aspirations in the area of lifestyles and their impacts on mobility. The survey covers six countries: France, Spain, Germany, the USA, Japan and Turkey ...

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What Prospects for Connected Devices and The Internet of Things Between Now and 2025 ?

What Prospects for Connected Devices and The Internet of Things Between Now and 2025?

Technologies of connectivity and the Internet of Things have developed rapidly in the last five years, and the rise of the connected device market is not in doubt where the specialist consultancies are concerned. These very rapid developments are attracting the interest of industrialists, users and the public authorities. But beyond a number of quantitative projections, there are few studies offering systemic foresight thinking on possible developments in this sector.Based on this finding, Futuribles ...