The PIPAME Report on the New Forms of Mobility

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GERPISA (The French Permanent Study and Research Group on the Automotive Industry and Employees) and Tech2Market carried out a study for PIPAME, in order to evaluate the economic and social impacts of shared automobile services, such as car-sharing and car-pooling, depending on the ways they might develop. Another aim of the exercise is to alert the traditional players in the industry to the impact of these new services on their automobile sales and aftersales activities.

JULLIEN Bernard, RIVOLLET Benoît, “The PIPAME Report on the New Forms of Mobility”, PIPAME, janvier 2016, 270 p.

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The first part of the report assesses these practices in France and internationally, while providing a summary, by way of interviews, of how the players in the transport industry are positioned towards it (public transport operators, platforms, car manufacturers, insurers etc.). In a second part, three scenarios are constructed, corresponding to three different sets of actors who might develop these innovative uses of automobiles. These three scenarios, running to the year 2030, are simulated on the basis of ‘real’ current demand [1].

In Scenario 1, ‘Enhancement of the Intermodal Offer’, the public authorities and transport operators incorporate the new forms of mobility (car-pooling, car-sharing, chauffeured passenger vehicles and bicycle-sharing systems) into ...