Futuribles Journal n° 444

Population - Ressources naturelles, énergie, environnement

Sea Living: Realities and Dreams

In July-August 2020, in collaboration with Denis Lacroix, Futuribles launched a series devoted to the ocean, the sea and coastlines… As part of this series, a number of articles have already been published over the last year on the rise of sea-levels, marine biodiversity, the artificialization of coastlines and other subjects. All attest to the consequences of climate change on marine ecosystems. But if it is necessary for the struggle against such climate change to be maintained, we also have to learn to adapt to it. In that regard, urbanists and architects have a role to play, as is attested here by the experience of Jacques Rougerie, a visionary architect specializing particularly in marine and coastal living spaces. In this interview conducted by Denis Lacroix for Futuribles, Jacques Rougerie shows how important it is to explore the manifold possibilities for the sustainable management of marine and coastal spaces by taking inspiration from nature and drawing on the energy of the rising generations, who are very committed to protecting the environment today. He also stresses the need to cooperate internationally to defend the sea, which is one of humanity’s shared resources, so as to avoid a two-speed adaptation process in which affluent populations escape the worst of the harm but leave the poorest at the mercy of climate change and its consequences.

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