Forum, Futuribles Journal n° 442

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What Future for Political Ecology?


With the 2020 municipal elections seeing several French cities elect Green mayors to lead their councils, the shake-up produced by the Covid crisis and the talk of an alliance between Greens and Christian-Democrats in Germany, favourable factors are clearly coming into alignment for political ecology. Yet will it manage to capitalize on them? Torn between various different factions, it is having difficulty developing a clear overall message. For a genuinely ecological society to emerge, its advocates must first come together around some solid ethical foundations, but what might those foundations be? Can Green politicians get behind a unifying platform and thereby put themselves in a position to govern at the highest level? These questions are central to a series of articles launched by Futuribles on the initiative of Jean Haëntjens. Brice Lalonde has agreed to open this series and we thank him for that. The former Environment Minister, founder of Génération écologie and candidate for the French presidency in 1981, offers his views here on what political ecology represents today, on what drives it and the kind of future it might enjoy.

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