Forum, Futuribles Journal n° 437

Économie, emploi - Entreprises, travail - Société, modes de vie

Teleworking and Economic Growth: An Opportunity to be Grasped


This is a fifth article published within the framework of our ‘Covid-19: Causes, Impacts and Strategies’ forum, which aims to open the pages of Futuribles to a range of experts to write about various aspects of the Covid-19 crisis — economic, social, health-related, food-related, ecological — while we are still ‘in the thick of’ the pandemic. Gilbert Cette shows here that, despite the difficulties inherent in this health crisis and the economic consequences that will ensue, there is also an opportunity to be grasped in terms of work. Lockdown and the constraints on travel have actually enabled a generous expansion of teleworking to take place, which might continue into the future, giving a boost to economic productivity that had seemed to be in an exhaustion phase for several decades now.

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