Futuribles Journal n° 435

Économie, emploi - Ressources naturelles, énergie, environnement - Société, modes de vie

Energy Transition: the Unrelenting Carbon Crisis


The interview we publish here, with Jean-Marc Jancovici, slots neatly into our new series on energy issues and climate change, attesting as it does to the urgent need for energy transition and, above all, to the need to bid a timely farewell to carbon in our ways of producing and living. As the now inescapable character of climate change and its multiple consequences stares us in the face, Jean-Marc Jancovici invites us to agree, as quickly as possible, to give up carbon-based energy sources and to start today to make efforts to adapt to climate change (and not just to combat it). Lastly, he shows that, in the face of such civilizational challenges, France is not without resources, but its actions have to form part of a clear, educative policy to convince all the citizenry and bring them together in a common energy transition programme.

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