Futuribles Journal n° 433

Recherche, sciences, techniques - Santé - Société, modes de vie

Binary Thinking, Complex Thinking


In January 2019 (Futuribles 428),we began a series on the human brain, with the first dossier devoted mainly to what the cognitive sciences and neurosciences teach us about our capacities for lifelong learning. A second dossier appeared in July 2019 (issue 431) on the plasticity of the brain, its anatomy and its capacity to modify its own functioning as it receives new experiences. This autumn, we open up a third strand on human-machine interactions and, more particularly, the impact of screens (TV, computers, mobile phones) on brain development and function, particularly among young people.

Jean-Pierre Bellier, who took part in producing this third strand, introduces the subject by reminding us how far human-machine interactions have now developed and evolved, and by stressing a number of questions inherent in these interactions which will be treated in greater detail in the other articles in this new dossier.

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