Futuribles Journal n° 432

Institutions - Recherche, sciences, techniques

Strategic Foresight in the European Parliament

Following the May 2019 elections, the European Parliament begins a new term of office and a number of European institutions will subsequently see a change of leadership (Central Bank, Commission, Council, Parliament etc.). This may be the opportunity for the European Union to acquire new political momentum. If that is the case, will European policies match up to the major future challenges that are looming? More generally, how are long-term issues factored in by the European institutions?

Drawing on her experience, Danièle Réchard-Spence, who heads the unit charged with identifying and analysing the major current developmental trends for the European Parliament, shows us what strategic foresight consists in within that institution and how it feeds into the parliament’s work. Though it is never easy to assess the true influence of foresight studies on parliamentary decisions and action, it remains very instructive to understand how those studies are produced and disseminated among our representatives in the European Parliament, which is what this article by Danièle Réchard-Spence seeks to do.

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