Abstracts, Futuribles Journal n° 432

Abstracts n° 432

Towards Democratically Sustainable Expertise?
Daniel Agacinski

Whistleblowers: an Opportunity for Capitalism?
Patrice Cailleba

Organized Crime and Legal Markets
Elisa Operti

The Dynamics of the Middle Classes: Decline in the Global North, Advance in the South
Julien Damon 

Is French Society Fragmenting? On Jérôme Fourquet’s L’Archipel français
Olivier Galland

Strategic Foresight in the European Parliament
Danièle Réchard-Spence

Five Major Areas of Work for the 21st Century: On the Deliberations of the International Panel on Social Progress
Marc Fleurbaey and Marie-Laure Salles-Djelic

The European Union, Peace and Democracy
Jean-François Drevet

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