Futuribles Journal n° 428

Recherche, sciences, techniques - Santé

The Exploration of the Human Brain. A Hundred Billion Networked Neurones: How They Develop, How They Work


A vital organ with levels of performance so far unrivalled among other living species, the human brain is a constant source of surprises. Substantial advances have been made in understanding its operation in recent decades. There is, however, much still to discover and explore, if we are to understand how human beings grow, reflect, think, learn, adapt, feel etc., and to advance in the ways of improving brain function and repairing dysfunctions of whatever kind. This is why Futuribles has decided to begin 2019 with an issue initiating a series devoted to the human brain.

Jean-Pierre Bellier, who contributed in large measure to the production of this series of articles, lays out the reasons here that led us to take an interest in the subject: the technical advances in recent decades that have enabled us to observe and understand the organ better, and those who have opened up new perspectives in terms of brain research, if not indeed of a hybridization of human and artificial intelligence. He particularly stresses the issues inherent in the progress of the cognitive sciences and neurosciences, and their contributions in terms of education and learning which form the core of this first raft of contributions.

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