Futuribles Journal n° 422

Institutions - Société, modes de vie

Three Keys for Re-inventing Politics


In 2017 Futuribles launched a series of articles aimed at examining the lack of vision that is regularly decried in commentaries on political life. Is this a genuine failing, and, if so, what are the reasons for it and how could it be remedied? Three articles have already appeared in the series. We pursue the matter here with Patrick Viveret, who proposes three key measures for reinventing the way we do politics. These correspond to three major institutional pillars: the legitimacy of the political function, its relation to the economy, and its relation to the citizenry. In this article, he shows the importance of moving from a paradigm of dominating power to a paradigm of creative power, particularly in the current context of climate emergency. At the economic level, he calls on politics to look to ultimate goals (the common good) and reinvent itself by basing itself on occupations, not on employment regarded more generally. This obviously involves changes in education, training and political timescales (we have to think long-term and rehabilitate the future). Lastly, he stresses how important it is — in order to reconnect with disillusioned citizens who have lost faith in their representatives — that politicians stop thinking like bosses and return to their function of ministry in the original sense of the term (supporting, bringing together: in short, promoting synergies). An enormous programme awaiting implementation…

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