Futuribles Journal n° 422

Économie, emploi - Géopolitique - Population

What will the World be like in 2050? On Michel Camdessus’s “Vers le monde de 2050”

We are constantly saying in Futuribles that the future is not predetermined and depends to a considerable extent on what we wish to make of it. To be the architect of a chosen future is, it seems, what Michel Camdessus is advocating in his most recent work, Vers le monde de 2050 [The World in 2050]. After outlining the structuring dynamics of the next 30 years, he frames a series of recommendations aimed at leading us toward a desirable future. The central idea is to give consideration to the interests of future generations and to the interdependencies between developed and emerging countries. This means viewing the world more positively and with a greater sense of solidarity. Pierre-Frédéric Ténière-Buchot has read the book for Futuribles and outlines its main lessons here.

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