Futuribles Journal n° 421

Entreprises, travail

The Intangibles Revolution


Many companies, analysts, economic or political decision-makers are still narrowly focussed on the short-term and on immediate profit, relying for their vision on essentially quantitative and financial indicators. Yet the wealth and permanency of an organization do not depend solely on quantitative factors, as André-Yves Portnoff shows regularly in these pages. Many elements of an intangible kind are involved, ranging from the way digital technology is used to human relations within the enterprise, not to mention management style.

This article provides insight into this intangibles revolution within organizations (including territories) and into how they can incorporate it into their strategic thinking. André-Yves Portnoff reminds us, for example, of the major characteristics of intangible capital and the main factors that go to make it up (collective intelligence, relational capital, horizontal management etc.), and he describes the method for evaluating intangible capital and the value of organizations (the so-called V3 method) which he has developed with the aid of a working group brought together by Futuribles International. This alternative tool, tested in several different instances in a variety of companies, aims to help organizations incorporate this intangible capital into their strategic diagnoses and make it a factor of growth and wealth-creation.

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