Futuribles Journal n° 417

Économie, emploi - Entreprises, travail

Insurance Jobs under Pressure from Digital Technology


In the context of current debates about the prospects for productivity (in connection, among other things, with technological progress), Futuribles is, in this issue, initiating a discussion on the question of the slowdown in productivity gains and its consequences, particularly with regard to the future state of jobs and employment. This article by Norbert Girard sheds light on a sector that has especial concerns about the current “digital wave” arising out of the development and dissemination of information technologies: namely, the insurance sector.

Drawing on the latest Baromètre prospectif des métiers et compétences dans l’assurance, it shows how this digital wave has actually affected jobs in the sector. For example, it points out that it hasn’t actually led to a fall in staffing levels, but to a redefinition of jobs and, hence, of skills. It is with these developments in mind – changes both in the nature of jobs and in relations with clients – that the sector has to adapt and work to train its staff.

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