Futuribles Journal n° 417


Crisis or Renewal of Democracy? Power and Vision


With the presidential elections just a few weeks away, Futuribles has decided to look into the lack of vision for which commentators regularly criticize French political life, by publishing a series of articles on the subject. Is the absence of vision real, what are the reasons behind it, and how might it be remedied?

In addition to the article by Jean Haëntjens on the lessons to be taken from some innovative local political initiatives, Futuribles gives the floor to a politician, the former minister, ex-chair of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council and former Ombudsman Jean-Paul Delevoye. He gives us his analysis of the current crisis of democracy, particularly in France, and formulates some proposals to overcome it. Jean-Paul Delevoye reminds us of what underlies the divorce between political leaders and the citizenry, and the lack of inspirational ideas about the future. He calls on us to be “greedy” about the future, so as to inspire people to be forward-looking. And, if new political visions are to bring people together, he believes that six conditions, which he specifies here, will have to be met: clear-sightedness, ethical soundness, clarity, empowerment, sharing and embodiment. Will these ideas find an echo among the presidential candidates this spring?

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