Futuribles Journal n° 415

Entreprises, travail

Seven Challenges for Work and Businesses


Company organization, working relations and work itself have changed substantially over the last 20 years as an effect of various factors such as economic globalization, the mass use of Information and Communications Technology by individuals and in companies, and changed expectations on the part of different generations with regard to work, etc. (sometimes changing along contrary lines). In this context, what are the major challenges of the coming decades for companies, the individuals who work in them and the very nature of their work?

Drawing on thinking begun as part of the 2016Vigie Report, André-Yves Portnoff outlines a number of deep-seated trends in this article that are, for the most part, linked to the impact of the digital on companies and work, and the chief ensuing challenges for organizations and their stakeholders: the choice of appropriate economic models, investment in relevant professions, internal and external relational strategies, the simultaneous occupation of diverse statuses (for both companies and workers) — all this obviously being very much linked to the values and visions developed by the various economic actors involved…

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