Artisans du futur, Futuribles Journal n° 408

Éducation - Société, modes de vie

Unis-Cité, a Pioneer in Civic Service: From Student Utopia to National Policy

The Unis-Cité association, founded in 1994 by four women business school students, set out with the aim of enabling young French people of whatever origin or educational background to devote a period of their life to activities useful both to themselves and the community. Twenty years later, the project has succeeded beyond all expectations, since this “citizen epic”, as Marthe de La Taille-Rivero describes it here, has spread across the whole country and given rise to the French Civic Service, a state-funded scheme enshrined in legislation and entitling participants to social security cover. This article in the “Architects of the Future” series outlines the history of Unis-Cité, the motivations its founders drew on, and the development of the association as it has gone from strength to strength.

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