Abstracts, Futuribles Journal n° 407

Abstracts n° 407

Sub-Saharan Africa: an Explosive Demographic Transition
Henri Leridon

Biodiversity in Danger
Jérôme Bindé

Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: The Contribution of Trend Projection Studies
Vincent Cailliez and Frédéric Levrault

Garonne 2050: A Participatory Foresight Exercise on Water Management in the Garonne Basin
Yannick Arama, Françoise Goulard, Véronique Lamblin, Ludovic L’Huissier and Éric Sauquet

The Third Industrial Revolution in Nord-Pas-de-Calais: Building a New Collective Destiny
Éric Vidalenc

France Stalls: A Focus on Declinism

Pierre Bonnaure

France: The Transition is Under Way. Alternatives for a New Model
Cécile Désaunay

Europe and its Laggards
Jean-François Drevet