Tribune européenne, Futuribles Journal n° 406

Géopolitique - Institutions

No Way Forward But Federalism?

The fact that many European countries are mired in economic crisis, the social consequences of that crisis and the geopolitical instability now afflicting the eastern and southern frontiers of the EU attest ever more keenly to the limitations of the European institutional model. As an economic giant whose external security is no longer genuinely guaranteed by the United States and an ally reluctant to engage in external theatres of operation, the European Union is perhaps at a crossroads, writes Jean-François Drevet. Beyond this point, only the federalist path can enable it to face current and future challenges. After reviewing Europe’s shortcomings in economic, security and defence matters, Drevet’s column calls for an end to the dilemmas besetting the Union and shows that the most appropriate solution would very definitely be to upscale in terms of political governance and make the –too often rejected– leap to federalism.

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