Tribune européenne, Futuribles Journal n° 403


Europe and the Middle East

After dealing with the initial fallout from the collapse of the Soviet Union and the disappearance of the “Iron Curtain”, particularly in the Balkans and even today in Ukraine, the European Union now finds itself directly affected by proliferating conflicts and disorder on its south-eastern flank. With civil war in Syria, a jihadist offensive in Iraq and the possible emergence of an autonomous Kurdistan, the Middle East remains a powder keg. The roots of this situation go back into European history, and the way it develops in the future will have consequences for the “old continent” in terms of politics, economics and migration.

This month, Jean-François Drevet devotes his column to the various Middle-Eastern hotspots that have significant implications for EU foreign policy. As he stresses, there is hardly any other option than to intervene, but it is not easy either to say what form such intervention should take to stem the current tide of troubles or to agree on effective neighbourhood policies in such a context.

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